Triangle Electric Bike Battery Pack

Manufacturing custom and standard 48V 52V 72V Triangle Lithium ion Electric bicycle battery with capacity of 19.2Ah to 28.8Ah for 48v 1500w 2000W 72v 3000w motor, Waterproof & Shockproof Case With 4A/5A charger




36V 48V 52V 60V 72V

Rated Capacity

10AH 15AH 20AH 23AH 25AH 27AH 28AH 

Battery Type

LG4800mAh cells/ Sanyo 3500mAh cells/ Panasonic 3400mAh Cells li-ion Battery

Cycle Lifes

≥1000 times


30A 40A

Max.discharge current


Max.charge current


Max. Charge Voltage

54.6V 58.8V

Discharge cut-off voltage

36.4V 39.2V


4A Charger/ 5A Charger

Dimension & Weight

450*200*200mm 6.0kg


12 months - 24 months

Customized 36V 48V 52V 60V 72V 20Ah 24Ah 28.8Ah 30Ah Lithium ion Pack Electric Bike Ebike Batteries

EcoRunBattery's Bicycle Triangle battery comes in 36V 48V 52V 60V 72V 20Ah 24Ah 28.8Ah 30Ah with 40A BMS for 250w-3000w motor. Offering enhanced capacity for extended range and prolonged battery life, thanks to top-tier lithium-ion cells.
Outstanding Performance
Outstanding Performance
EcoRunBattery - Custom E-bike Battery Pack Manufacturer
Our e-bike batteries undergo rigorous testing to meet our high standards of quality and performance. We subject each battery to extensive aging tests, ensuring reliable and consistent performance. Trust our batteries to provide exceptional performance and reliability - guaranteed.
100% Thorough Aging Testing
100% Thorough Aging Testing
EcoRunBattery - Custom E-bike Battery Pack Manufacturer
Our Battery Management System (BMS) boasts advanced safety measures that defend against overcharging, over-discharging, short circuits, as well as temperature and cell balancing protection customized to suit your requirements.
Intelligent BMS Protection
Intelligent BMS Protection
EcoRunBattery - Custom E-bike Battery Pack Manufacturer
We offer diverse charging solutions, such as a standard 2A charger, a 5A rapid charger, or higher current options, customized to your e-bike battery capacity and different charging heads. This allows for quick charging, reducing downtime and maximizing your riding enjoyment.
Fast Charging Options
Fast Charging Options
EcoRunBattery - Custom E-bike Battery Pack Manufacturer
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